Community Center

Community Center

The Woodland Community Center — A Special Gathering Place

The Community Center is a place for residents of The Woodland and members of the Farmville community to come together. It’s not just for residents of The Woodland — anyone from the Farmville community can rent The Woodland Community Center!

Why Rent The Woodland Community Center?

With its central location in the town of Farmville, ample parking (including plenty of handicap-accessible spaces), and large community room, The Woodland Community Center offers an ideal space for parties, special events, or celebrations. It is located at 103 Varner Drive in the center of The Woodland campus.

Amenities at The Woodland Community Center

Amenities at The Woodland Community Center include:

Seasonally decorated hall

Ability to accommodate up to 130 people

Full service catering including standard china and flatware

Audio-visual services, including a large 10×10 foot screen available for set up for an additional surcharge

There are also two smaller rooms at The Community Center which can be used for games or visiting with residents or friends. The Community Center also features a beautiful outside portico for enjoying the warmer months of the year.


Contact for scheduling and pricing details.

— Meet Steve Lindsey

Steve Lindsey is security director for The Woodland. Included in his duties are managing the calendar of events at The Community Center. He is a former state trooper and retired ABC senior special agent, well versed in ABC laws, with a strong law enforcement background. Residents and staff depend on Steve to keep them safe and maintain an orderly parking plan for the community. When he’s not at The Woodland, Steve enjoys being with family. He is a proud father and grandfather who lives in Cumberland County with his wife Karen.

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